Life Science / Medical / Pharmaceutical

These industries are highly subject to standards, specifications and laws. All documents must be adapted and in compliance with related regulations, including clinical studies, treatment procedures, product labeling, package inserts. The localization and approval processes need strict control. The improper use of terminology and inaccurate expressions could be fatal in certain cases.

The success execution of localization/translation projects requires powerful project management, proven processes, rigorous quality control and a team of knowledgeable professional linguists and practitioners.

How do we serve you

It is a requirement that the translators maintain certification throughout their cooperation with us. We continuously monitor the translators’ performance based on the rating system that takes into consideration both objective and subjective factors.

Throughout the project lifecycle, source analysis, terminology creation, style guide development, TEP, language checks, subject-matter review, language sign-off and other quality assurance activities guarantee that the deliverables meet our client’s expectation.

Our production platform supports global collaboration, process control and workflow automation. It enables the team members to work efficiently, while maintaining strict control. In this dedicated central workspace, all activities are recorded and tracked, in order to boost responsibility and accountability.

Service offerings

  • Localization of program user interface and product labeling
  • Translation of product manuals, user guides and etc
  • Subject-matter review done by professionals
  • Corporate terminology management
  • Third-party independent language quality control
  • Multi-lingual desktop and web publishing
  • Localization of multimedia and website content
  • Voiceover and dubbing