Mechanical / Manufacturing

In this industry, the products get more and more complicated and diversified, and they are sold to customers in every corner of the globe, preferably in their own languages. Due to the distributed global workforce, intense market competition, ever shorter product lifecycles, efficient project management is more important than ever.

When speaking to colleagues, external partners, customers or competitors, there should be no ambiguity or misuse of terminology.

Today’s large-scale industrial projects typically require cooperation of many suppliers. Both external partners and internal departments will send you huge amount of documents of varying quality, delivered in different formats. You may find that similar content in these documents is translated inconsistently by more than one translator. This will unnecessarily increase time and cost.

How do we serve you

MCLT’s efficient project management team is well-equipped with customizable and slim processes, state-of-art localization/translation technologies and a scalable resource pool, to meet the client’s requirements in terms of quality, cost and schedule.

The translators and reviewers are required to possess both language proficiency and recorded experience in the related fields. Our linguists work closely with multilingual technicians, engineers, developers to ensure high-quality deliverables to the client.

The language assets management incorporates terminology databases, translation memories and bilingual files, which are organized by products, versions, and languages, in order to maximize leverage of legacy content.

Service offerings

  • Source text analysis and optimization
  • Terminology development and maintenance
  • Translation of manuals, brochures, technical papers, catalogs, training materials and etc
  • Language assets management
  • Multilingual desktop publish and web publishing
  • Voiceover and dubbing