Legal / Financial

Confidentiality is paramount when handling financial and legal documents. The translation memories could reveal sensitive information. Un-authorized access may jeopardize the client’s data.

In these sectors, it’s critical to timely release documents and statements and to keep high level of quality at the same time. The translation of financial and legal terms particularly requires correct terminology, and the language style must be consistent and appropriate in the target languages.

Some financial organizations and institutions have established internal translation team, while others work with external language service providers. In either case, collaboration and access control are two important considerations for both the clients and LSPs.

How do we serve you

Providing dedicated workspaces for each client, even each department with the client’s corporation. The dedicated workspace is only visible and accessible to the team members who work on the client’s documents.

At the same time, our platform enables both the internal staff and external translators to collaborate in real time, and share information in a central place. When necessary, the terminology and references could also be shared across different workspaces.

The automation of workflows minimizes turnaround times and maximizes the quality of translations.

Service offerings

  • Translation of contracts, agreements, financial statements and reports
  • In-country review by bilingual subject-matter experts
  • Terminology management
  • Multilingual desktop and web publishing