The process of making a software product linguistically and culturally appropriate for use in a different country or region and its language is called localization.

Today, with an emphasis on simultaneous shipment, larger companies often publish simultaneously in over 30 languages for just as many target local cultural markets.

Many middle & small companies are also facing the challenge of expanding into a global market. To make your solutions work in any part of the world, you need high-quality, multi-national localization services.

We can be a hand to help you gain a competitive advantage with implementing a high quality localized solution, providing you with competitive, quality-focused internationalization and localization services. We can sit together with you to analyze your business requirements through a proven discovery process. We also help you define your localization plans, establish requirements, design the solution, quickly implement services, at the same time, providing you a single point of contact that you can rely on throughout the entire process.

The three factors that allow us to continuously satisfy our clients’ needs are: our linguists, who are the best in the business; our Quality Control Process, which provides for multiple rounds of proofreading and editing; and our customer service and administrative staff, who ensure that all deadlines are met without, fail.