Quality Control

From the evolution of Human Being, we are encouraged to be creative, inventive, so we allow variation. However in localization industry, variation can be great enemy when we trying to make everything under control. It is just simple like in math; we use formula all the time, but with our variables as well.

However, if the variable is under control, we are always safe…

In localization industry, as a service provider, we are not really having the chance to select our customers, but always have the opportunity to satisfy client’s needs and create tailor process.

Under this situation, classify client base on their product segment and create a certain quality process based on localization knowledge and beliefs, and always trying to reduce and foresee the variations before and during the whole process, to create customized standard process to fit into the situation and prepare for future jobs.

The systematic control of process variables through good measurement, analysis and actions will result in the product being within specification. Control of the variable situations is achieved with good measurement to reduce variation.

Good management acts on accurate and timely information, but how does one get one’s hands on good information? In measurement it is really quite simple.

Follow the European EN 15038 standard, but allow variations in order to fit into client requirement in terms of quality, which means, that is even more stringent in some way.

Good quality control relies on that good production processes exhibit only small amounts of variation, good measurement processes exhibit much less variation.

So everything is under control!